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To Kemil Zapalski:
TAKE NOTICE that a Personal Injuries Summons has been issued
to an accident which occurred on or about 5th September 2015
when as a result of the negligence, breach of duty and breach of
statutory duty of KEMIL ZAPALSKI, his servants or agents,
MARGARET LEONARD was caused to trip and fall on a part of the
scaffolding placed by KEMIL ZAPALSKI, his servants or agents,
causing severe personal injury.

If the said KEMIL ZAPALSKI does not enter an Appearance within
ten days of today’s date he will be held to have admitted the
claim and the Plaintiff may proceed therein and judgment may
be given against him in his absence without further notice.
Further, take notice that liberty has been given for service of the
Personal Injuries Summons relating to these proceedings on the
said KEMIL ZAPALSKI by this notice of advertisement.
If you know KEMIL ZAPALSKI please inform him of this notice
and the contents herein. Further and/or in the alternative, if
you know KEMIL ZAPALSKI or his whereabouts. please contact
Anderson & Gallagher Solicitors, 29 Westmoreland St, Dublin
2 solicitors for the Plaintiff.

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