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9th edition of Short Film Festival 2017 Oddalenia

A Story of Emigration. Stephanie Koussa

The next 9th edition of the Short Film Festival Oddalenia 2017 lies ahead. The Final Gala will take place the 17th of June in the Polish House. This day is something more than a meeting with short films. It is primarily a meeting of international character, because the movies have rolled in from different parts of the world.

This year’s Gala Final SFF Oddalenia 2017 will feature films from Lebanon, Spain, India, Poland and Ireland. Films from France, Germany, the Philippines and Slovenia were also submitted to the competition. A total of 28 productions were sent. Jury of the festival under the leadership of Justyna Zidar after a long discussion chose the final ten. The projection time is set for more than two hours.

The magic of the short story is that in a matter of minutes there is a story told which often stays in a memory for long years. Short films are made in various forms. These are both animated, documentary, experimental, and feature films. This group also includes music videos and spots. In the history of cinema short films play a very important role, against all appearances. They inspire many creators, they stimulate viewers to think. The low-budget productions for many directors are both the beginning of a film career and the kind of fun or break in the work over bigger productions.

Directors such as Sofia Coppola, David Fincher, Martin Scorsese and Brian De Palma make music videos from time to time. Others work on creating advertising spots for famous companies. Robert Rodriguez worked for Nike, Ridley Scott for Apple, David Lynch for PlayStation, and Darren Aronofsky known for „Requiem for a Dream” and „Black Swan” worked for Yves Saint Laurent’s advertising campaign.Short films were also made by such artists as Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid, Stan Brakhage, Ken Jacobs and Andy Warhol. Inspired by short production named „La Jetée” (1961) by Chris Marker there was created in 1995 remake of this film titled „12 monkeys” by Terry Gilliam.

The films that appeared in SFF’s Oddalenia nine-year history were made by various creators. Among them were students of film schools and amateur film clubs, independent creators and professionals. As every year the level of films varies and their subject matter is different, but one thing connects them – these productions are small masterpieces.

At the final Gala of the SFF Oddalenia, apart from the movies, there will be a mini concert of Irish musician. Alastair Boles played since he was six.  He used many instruments but regularly played four. They are accordion, clarinet and violin and above all piano. Music is his passion.During the festival you will also see an exhibition of photographs by Adriana Pohl-Gasidło entitled „Reality”. This talented artist has been teaching photography and film and multimedia design for 11 years at the School of Fine Arts in Dąbrowa Górnicza. Her photographs are records of emotions related to the state of mind or place.

The final gala will be led by Aneta Dina Keder, who is a theater actress, screen and voice actress, as well as a model and dancer of the Polish Dance and Dance Ensemble „Shamrock” in Dublin. Theater lovers have recently had the opportunity to watch Aneta on Tallaght’s Civic Theater in A THEATRICAL 5, written and directed by Sean Ronan.

Two Jury prizes will be awarded during the festival. Grand Prix Short Film Festival Oddalenia 2017 and Special Honourable Jury Award. The main prize was donated by the Polish Embassy in Dublin. Paweł Jasinski, a well-known artist in the Dublin area, once again designed the Grand Prix Short Film Festival’s 2017 Oddalenia and has prepared a collection of mugs to be purchased during the festival. Also the audience will have the opportunity to choose their film. Interestingly, the Audience Prize often receives films selected also by the jury of the festival. Interesting how it will be  this year?

Samanta Stochla

The Ladies. Jake McKone

Inside Out. Liton Pal

An Mhallacht. Cóilín Ó Scolai

Lethargy. Sylwia Rosak

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